Leaving the country soon

Aug 28, 2017

A couple of months are over again and this time its almost time to say goodbye to New Zealand.

Started the second road trip in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, headed north and now we ended being in Auckland.

So in Wellington we had a nice but short time. Because of the rugby games at that period against the Lions, Wellington was flooded with people so all the camping grounds and hostel were full so there was no opportunity for us to stay somewhere and because freedom camping can be fined with 200NZD, we decided to leave the city after 3 days.

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Start of second Roadtrip

Jun 26, 2017

So four months after my last post Im starting to travel again, with my first own car. It is a Mitsubishi L300 and inside it has been changed, so it is a perfect camper van. Heading with it to the north island with Niko, taking the ferry from Picton to wellington as soon as possible.

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Mount Cook and Share House

Mar 1, 2017

After coming back to Christchurch we stayed at the same camping ground outside of the city, together with Nicolai and Marcel, two guys we meat in Nelson. After one week of chilling at the camping ground we decided to make a weekend road trip to Mount Cook.

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Nelson and end of the Road trip

Jan 31, 2017

After leaving the West coast we went to a city called Nelson. This city is very special for travellers because there are free camping places in the middle of the city. Basically its a parking place but at the night time it turns in to a camping ground. One of these is a 24hour camping place so spent two weeks in Nelson. In the first week we did some small trips to the golden bay and to a hippie town called Takaka. Also we drove to Picton and to Blenheim, two small towns in the north part of the south island.

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Duniden and New Years Eve

Jan 13, 2017

Big city at the Coast

So after we left Twizel we drove to the coast and ended up being in the second biggest city of the South Island which is Dunedin. This city has a very cool centre because its made in form of an octagon so everything is being found very easily, although it was the first city I made a few mistakes while driving because I was kind of confused. Also in this city there is one of the steepest road of the world and its called the Baldwin Street. It was pretty fun trying to get the car up there because its just not possible and I had to stop like 10 meter after the point where its starts getting steep. We spend the night on a camping place outside of the city just next to the sea.

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Starting the Road Trip

Dec 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Well on Saturday the 24th of December we spend our time with Niko in Christchurch having some pizza at the camping place and getting ready for our road trip and thats how we spend our Christmas evening. We also bough some last stuff we needed and Sunday the 25th we left Christchurch. We went all the way to Timaru which is a beautiful city with nice parks and e nice beach but unfortunately everything was closed because it was Christmas. Afterwards we went all the way to the mountains passing some amazing view points and this beautiful place called Lake Pukaki. We spend the night on a camping place close to a small village called Twizel which is like the town all campers stop to buy food to do their laundry also it is the biggest town close to Mount Cook on the East side of the Mountain.

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First days in New Zealand

Dec 23, 2016

So on Sunday 11 December in the morning I arrived in Auckland. It took long to get though all the passport and bag controls but after some time I made it out, I had to find the Skybus which is the shuttle from the airport to the city centre. After 40 minutes with the bus I had to do a walk of 15 minutes down the Queen street, my hostel was in the Fort street and the name is Nomads hostel.

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Hong Kong

Dec 10, 2016

Well my flight started in Düsseldorf so I had to get up early and get all the way from Bochum to Düsseldorf Airport and its really hard to get out when its like 08:00 and outside its -4 but I had to. The flight to Hong Kong took 10 hours and 20 minutes with Cathay Pacific and it was by far the most comfortable flight I’ve ever had. I had enough space to sit comfortable, the food was awesome and at night time when they switched off the light you could go in the back of the plain where you could just take something to drink or noodles, so that was pretty awesome.

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Party & Weihnachtsmarkt

Dec 5, 2016

So the time has come to continue my trip and get to a new continent, but before leaving on Sunday the Caribbean I had the opportunity going to Klein Cuaraçao and to the biggest full moon beach party of the Caribbean in Kokomo beach.

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Festival, Landhuis & Synagogue

Dec 1, 2016

So on Friday the 25th in the morning I did change the some last things on my website and the moment of publishing it had come and I only had positive comment which made me very happy.

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International Flamingo Airport Bonaire

Nov 24, 2016

So on Friday 18 November 2016 we took the plane to get to Bonaire. As we got to the airport we had to give our visa cards back, I had lost it but they let me go anyway so I was pretty lucky on that point. The aircraft was really small and the flight time was like about 15 minutes. We arrived in Bonaire, the airport of Bonaire is pink and its called Flamingo Airport. We had an apartment next to the airport but still very close to the city center. The main town of Bonaire is called Kralendijk.

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Dj Hardwell & Buggy Tour

Nov 17, 2016

So the past seven days were pretty awesome, on Saturday I was on a party in the center of Willemstad, in Villa Maria was a big party with star quest Dj Hardwell from the Netherlands. The party was awesome a lot of people and insane music.

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First days in Curaçao

Nov 10, 2016

So the pas 7 days were interesting. I saw a lot of new stuff and had some interesting experiences. On Friday 4 November I went with a bus on an island tour so I went across the island and visited all the nice places of Curaçao like the factory were the curaçao liquor is being made, the wonderful knip beach

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Arrived in the Caribbean

Nov 3, 2016

It’s the 3th of November and I’m sitting in Curaçao. I arrived on the 1st of November, after standing one our at the passport control I finally saw my mum standing there waiting for me.

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Oct 31, 2016

The day did come where my trip should start , so at the 24th of October 2016 my journey started and I got to Düsseldorf Germany by plane where I switched to the bus which brought me to Hamburg Germany.

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