Nelson And End Of The Road Trip

One of these is a 24hour camping place so spent two weeks in Nelson. In the first week we did some small trips to the golden bay and to a hippie town called Takaka. Also we drove to Picton and to Blenheim, two small towns in the north part of the south island. The plan was to stay one week, but on the way back to Christchurch we decided that we want to stay more in Nelson so we drove back. The same we had a flat tire and all the tyre shops where closed so we couldn't move at all. Later we got to know Hannah and Marie, we had a lot of fun together and because it was so fun we stayed for an other week after we changed the tire in the morning.

One week later we drove back to Christchurch, Niko had to work and I have to find a job so I was spending the hole day trying to find a job. At the weekend we decided to do a trip to Nelson again so we could party with the girls. So Friday afternoon I picked Niko up and six hour later we were in Nelson. There we saw the girls again and we meet Nicolai and Marcel two german guys. We started partying on Friday night and the party ended on Sunday morning were we drove back to Christchurch. Marcel and Nicolai also drove to Christchurch at that day so we meet again at the camping place. Now I am hanging around with this two guys and some more people we meet at the camping ground spending my day in the Library searching in the Internet and everywhere else to find a Job.

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