Arrived In The Caribbean

At the evening we had a perfect burger in the restaurant at the beach which is called Zanzibar. The second day started with chilling and sleeping literally doing nothing I just took a walk to the beach. A lot of the beaches in Curaçao are private, that means that you have to pay to get to the beaches if you don't have a card for the beach. You only get a card for a beach if you leave in a hotel or a house close to the beach and the card you get is only for a specific beach so even if you have card you only can go to the beach you have the card for. So i went to the beach for which we have a card for and its called Pirate Bay, its about 5-10 minutes walking from where we leave. The beach is beautiful, small but nice! the sea is about 27 degrees all the time with is pretty cool but its not really cooling you down from the hot weather.

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