International Flamingo Airport Bonaire

Prepair for diving

I had lost it but they let me go anyway so I was pretty lucky on that point. The aircraft was really small and the flight time was like about 15 minutes. We arrived in Bonaire, the airport of Bonaire is pink and its called Flamingo Airport. We had an apartment next to the airport but still very close to the city center. The main town of Bonaire is called Kralendijk. So on the same day I went to a Dive shop and I booked for a dive trip for the next day. Bonaire is well known because of the underwater world, everything around Bonaire is Marine National Park. To be able to get into the sea you need a special coin which you can buy at the dive shops and the money they get out of it goes to protection of the underwater world of Bonaire, you pay 10$ if you just want to snorkel and 25$ if you want to dive as well. If you pay the diving coin for 25$ you automatically also buy your ticket for the Washington Slagbaai National Park in the north part of the island.

Diving trip

The second day started with my diving trip to little Bonaire, an island just next to Bonaire, it was wonderful, I saw beautiful corals, a lot of fishes and turtles. The one thing that really amazed me was that I’ve never seen such a clean sea bottom in my life ever. So after that we got the car and drove around in the south part of the island, we went to the famous Lac beach, after that we went to a beach close to our hotel. There I get to know Krissi. Krissi is from the Netherlands and lives 2 years now in Bonaire and works in a hotel on the island. we talked a lot and after about one our I she took me back to my hotel with her motor bike. We spend the evening in an Italian restaurant in the center of Kralendijk.

National Park

On Sunday we decided to visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park, so we got there by car and entered the park. I was driving and at the beginning everything was perfect except of the amount of flies. If you had the car door open for like 10 seconds the car was full with small flies so you had to get really fast in and out of the car also it was not possible to spot the car while the windows were down because of the flies. After about one our of driving the rain started and thats where the ugly part of driving started. We where snorkeling at a beach in the national park where its allowed to and it was raining so much the you couldn't really look that far but the temperature was perfect so we continued snorkeling. So aster that I got back into the car and I started driving through the rain and the mud, it was really hard but after 2 ours of driving we got back to the beginning and one our later we finally arrived at the hotel. We spend the evening in a restaurant in the center wich is called Cuba Compangie.

Monday was the last day in Bonaire and we decided to spend the day at a beach wich is called thousand steps beach and its famous for the turtles. I saw 6 turtles while snorkeling and a lot of fishes, that was really awesome and beautiful. We spent the evening in the Sebastian’s restaurant, next door of our hotel and it was perfect.

Back to Curaçao

Next day we left from the hotel and started our long journey to curaçao, 15 minutes in the air later we landet back on curaçao, we got some Suriname food from Otrobanda in Willemstad. My personal favorite restaurant on curaçao is Paloeloe at the main bus station in Otrobanda Willemstad. So we got some food and spend the time home in piscadera designing the website because it was really raining a lot. Yesterday I was just sitting home because it was raining and we had no internet so there was nothing I could do. So that was my week, today we had perfect lunch in a Dominican restaurant and in the evening Willemstad was packed. Today they turned on the christmas light in the city center so everything was shinning bright and everywhere people were dancing, loud music on every corner, it was wonderful.


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