Dj Hardwell & Buggy Tour

Buggy tour

The next day was a Sunday so it was a chill day, on Monday we took the car with my dad and just drove everywhere we could see a street on the map in the north side of Curaçao. Monday evening I tried to go out in Mambo Beach Boulevard. Everyone said that there is everyday parties and stuff but on that day there was literally nothing going on at the beach. I walked all the beach up and down and out of a lot of bars I did count 7 persons in total, so that was pretty disappointing. On Wednesday my dad and me went on a buggy tour, it was really awesome we drove to some caves in the south part of the island. Although I’m really a friend of buggies that trip was really cool. So today we are sitting home hopping that the storm Otto will not hit as which is around the south part of the caribbean. Tomorrow we will take the plain to Bonaire. Bonaire is an island next to Curaçao, we will stay 4 days there and will have some really chilled days there.

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