First Days In New Zealand

First impression os AucklandI had to wait again till I could check in because like in almost every hostel check-in time is at 14:00 so I decided to drop my back-pack in a room there and check out the city. I bought a phone number and walked up and down the Queen Street, it’s a nice street full of street artists but the bad thing was that is was kind of full with homeless people so on some points of the street and on some side streets like the Fort Street it was a mess sometimes, a lot of police going around.

My stay in Auckland

In the next days I meet Antonia from Germany and we hang out together walking around in the evenings even if we didn't really felt safe by doing this because of the situation at that place of the city booked a very cheap flight to Christchurch, opened up a bank account, wrote a CV and got all the needed papers to get an IRD number which is necessary if you want to work in New Zealand.

Garden City

On Friday I took my flight to Christchurch which was one hour and some minutes. At the airport in Christchurch my Friend Niko was waiting for me and he picked me up with his car. We went into the city centre and he showed my a bit around, after that we found a free camping place just 26 minutes drive out of the centre where we decided to spend the night, sleeping in the back of the car. Christchurch is also known as the Garden City because its so green and everywhere are parks.This city is on the south island of New Zealand and its amazing, no high building, very friendly people, and so much nature everywhere. Also driving on my own for the first time on the other side of the road was a bit strange at the beginning but I got used to it very fast.

First day on the South IslandAfter sleeping in the car on Friday we decided on Saturday to go to the Castle Hill Limestone on the mountains and it was just an amazing point on the top of the mountains, even the way to get there was insane, everything looks like you're watching a painting or something thats unreal so that makes it hard to realise what you're looking at. We walked around at the Limestones, took some cool pictures and chilled under some stones. In the evening we first went to some friend of Niko and I could take a shower there what was very cool and after that we went out in the centre but as I was kind of tired I wasn't really in the mood for a party so I decided not to drink and be the driver. We spend spend the night in an other camping place, still close to the city but this time next to the sea, on some point we got an message from some friends of Niko that there is a Tsunami warning for Christchurch so we checked the internet and there was really one but it was canceled quite fast so we decided to stay there.

Sunday was awesomeOn Sunday we went to Akaroa on the south side of the city, a beautiful place with a small town with a famous Fish&Chips; restaurant but we didn't found it that special though. After a long way back over some off road ways in the mountains we arrived in the evening back in the city, Niko had to stay at the Family because he has one week to got with his work so I went alone to the camping place to sleep.

Chilling daysOn Monday I just chilled at the camping place went for a ride trough the city also had some bank issues which I had to clear up but everything ended up being good, in the evening we spend our time at a beach next to Pear. Waking up on the camping place next day was cool like all the days till now and decided to get to the city centre because I had to buy some food and wash my hair which I did in a petrol station as it was easy and free. In the evening we went to Lyttleton, a town next to Christchurch just on the other side of the mountain and after that we got some food and spend the time on a parking next to a Library with free internet watching some movies. The next day were almost the same because Niko had to work in the morning so I was sleeping the hole day and in the evening we just chilled somewhere and watched movies and thats all I have been doing till Thursday 22 December.

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