Hong Kong

Lost my way

Cathay Pacific and it was by far the most comfortable flight I’ve ever had. I had enough space to sit comfortable, the food was awesome and at night time when they switched off the light you could go in the back of the plain where you could just take something to drink or noodles, so that was pretty awesome. I arrived in Hong Kong at 07:00 and I have had almost no sleep in the plane so I was really tired. So I had to get in the city with the train and I was kind of confused because I didn't had to pay before and I had to pay when I arrived at the station. I got out on the street and because I didn't really knew how the metro is working and I was kind of confused so I decided to walk but my GPS was as confused as I was so i had to ask people where to go and after one hour of walking in the streets I found the block in which the Hostel is but It took one more hour to find it because i was searching at the wrong spot and also people didn't really wanted to help me but I found it. The reception is in the 14th floor so I got up there but it was still like 09:00 and the check in time was at 14:00 so I had to do something else till I could check in and I joined the people who where sitting at the chill area at the reception and thats where I got to know Xavier from the USA, Joanna from the UK, Lei from China and Bianca from the Dominican Republic. We hanged out a bit and went for breakfast at a restaurant called Star Cafe, and got some Hong Kong noodle breakfast. So after that I was able to check in and we decided to go for a walk, explore the area and try to find a spot called Quarry Bay. It was really cool to see all the small stores, small markets everywhere and all the huge buildings. Coming back in the evening we met at the 14th floor and went all together and some other guys for Dinner and it was really cool having this experience. After that I really had to sleep, I was really tired.

Getting around

The second day was really cool I started kind of early getting to the Victoria peak on Hong Kong island, so I took the underground which is really easy to use in Hong Kong, if you don't have an Octopus card, I didn’t, you just go to the machines for the cards at the stations, tab on the station you want to get, pay and you're ready. Getting there I realised that there are three ways up, the first way is walk all the way up but as I heard the day before that it takes like 1 hour and 30 minutes so I was not really into it, the second one is the bus but I'm not really sure about that because I didn't see any bus, just heard of it, but there a street passing the peak so I guess there will be a bus connection getting up there. The third and most famous and common way to get up is with the tram, thats how I got there, I had to pay 88HKD which includes the ticket for the roof and wait like one hour till I could get inside. The way up is really stab but its kind of fun though and it takes about 10-15 minutes. That day the weather was awesome so I was able to get some awesome shots from this huge city. After that we went in the park to hang out with three other guys and the one guy was showing us some Chinese game he learned while living there. In the evening we grouped up at the lobby and were supposed to go to the light show at the harbour but unfortunately we started walking to late so we missed it but we had a dink in the Eye Bar on the 30th floor in a building called iSQUAR, the cool thing about it was that it was open air. We ended up in the INA Bar though having a really great night with awesome people.

Big Buddha temple

On the third day i decided to do the trip to the Big Buddha temple. Starting in the centre of Hong Kong its like one hour with the train to get to the town from where you start you're way up to the temple. Also here you have three ways to get up, the first is hiking but it takes long, the second one is with the cablecar and the third is with the bus. I was thinking of going with the cablecar up but they told me that I had to wait almost 3 hours so I decided to take the bus. The price for the bus in 30HKD and it takes 40-50 minutes and the way is awesome, going through some small towns. Arriving there you have to walk up 268 stairs to get to the Buddha and the size is as impressive as the view from the top. The temple is really big and very interesting to see even though its packed with tourists. On the way down I tried out again to get into the cablecar and I just had to wait 20 minutes so I bought a ticket for a crystal cablecar, the crystal cablecar has a glass bottom. The ride with it is really impressive and exciting because its going very high. So in the evening I was supposed to go out with some guys but I was so tired that I fall asleep at time I was waiting and I woke up and I was kind of sad but its ok.

Pre pair for New Zealand

On Saturday I had my flight to Auckland New Zealand so in the morning I was trying to do an online check in but for some reason I couldn't figure out it wasn't working even with the help of Sarah, so I decided to just get earlier to the airport so I could have time to check in there. Right now I am in the plain and in 6 hour I am arriving in Auckland. I really enjoyed my stay in Hong Kong and I suggest everyone who has the opportunity to be and stay there to do it. I had an amazing time with amazing people, amazing food and something I find really important is that its a city in which you feel very safe even though its so packed and that makes your stay way more comfortable.

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